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10 Year lannivesary
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I know this is hard to believe but on May 11, 2012 the Johnny 5 LAN parties will be 10 years old! (BBQ 1 pics here http://tiny.cc/j5BBQ1 ) For those of us that were there back in the day that's just crazy. J5 itself is even older as we started close to a year before the first BBQ with our CS server. We can't just let a moment like this slip by us can we? Announcing officially now:

The Johnny5 10 year Lanniversary!

When: May 5th 1pm to May 6th 1pm
Where: The Vern Burton meeting rooms Port Angeles, WA.
How Much: Donation only. If you can help we appreciate it. Costs about $700 for the event.
How many: I think we have room for between 30 and 40. I'll have sign ups in the forum so please post if you can make it. If it gets close we'll figure out an accurate count. This will not be publicly advertised LAN. Friends are welcome of course but I'm focusing on this being J5 centric.
Drinks and Food: Going to try and BBQ again, food provided. We also have access to a fridge for soda and an ice machine. This location also nice because we're right near a great coffee shop, Bella Rosa, subway, and a 24hour safeway for any of your munching needs.
Games: Any games are allowed like any other LAN, but since this is the 10 year anniversary we are planning on facilitating retro. We will have local servers setup for CS1.3, CS1.6, BF1942, UT2k4, COD2, and possibly others. Don't have your copies anymore? We'll get you taken care of.
Internet: Yes!

So what do you need to do? Check out the forums, ask questions and let us know if you can make it. Also spread the word! We've all moved on over the years and I've lost contact with many of you, however I know many stayed in touch with different people. Be sure to spread the word to other J5. Get out there and let people know J5 is alive!

Also be sure to check out this thread for discussion on a J5 anniversary T-shirt.
johnnyconfidence Monday 28 November 2011 - 15:16:25
Monday Night Combat
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Have you heard of Monday Night Combat? It's an Xbox Live game that launched last year but it's now coming to steam. It's an odd mix of TF2, Unreal, and DoTA in a way. Hard to explain. Right now it's in Beta and steam is selling it 10^ off. You can check it out here http://store.steampowered.com/app/63200/

Just for Fun J5 has put up a MNC server and it's running on the regular ip of You can find it in the beta browser under Johnny5.net_MNC. The server is rocking and as they make it more stable I may try and put up more instances online. Right now our main one has been full of players for 10 days straight. If you can get on join me and lets go take down that money ball!
johnnyconfidence Friday 31 December 2010 - 16:48:30
Website downtime
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Oops we had a small malfunction with the website. It's back up and running now. Awesome!
johnnyconfidence Friday 16 July 2010 - 15:44:03
Johnny5 VI: Return of the Game Night
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Sorry for the delay folks but Game Night is back! February 19th, 7pm, TF2, Be there.
[J5]Dr.Chubb Wednesday 17 February 2010 - 17:33:16
2010 game nights
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Over the next few months Dr.Chubbs has started helping us schedule some J5 game nights on some of our current, and classic, favorite games. Last week was Tf2 night and it was a great success. Up next on Jan. 17th @ 7pm will be classic with CS 1.6 making a rocking come back! Get those steam installers fired up and come join us. The servers are up now if you want to hop in and get your rusty skills updated. It's just like getting shot while riding a bike, you never forget how it works. See you there!
johnnyconfidence Tuesday 12 January 2010 - 11:06:52
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